Welcome to ConFocus

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, ConFocus is a global leader in digital video and digital television software products and services, focusing on quality technology solutions for customers in markets from enterprise to consumer electronics.

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What's New?

ConFocus launches FocusWare Blueprint, a complete software reference design aimed at giving our customers instant access to some of the hottest technology trends on the market today.

ConFocus has recently staffed our new hardware design center at our headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Focused on quality and time-to-market, our hardware design unit is ready to meet the needs of an expanding market in digital delivery.

Our new FocusMedia™ platform is a state-of-the-art Media Center implementation designed to bring the latest in video technology from the head end or back office all the way down to the couch. From Commercial Full HD to basement radio stations, FocusMedia™ delivers the best content to the venue you care about most, your own.

Our Partners

Bridging contacts in every realm of digital media distribution and technology, ConFocus parters with the major players shaping the future of our living rooms and beyond. We partner with, and provide services for, all the major chipset vendors in the market today, ensuring that we have a broad spectrum of hardware and software services to offer our customers so they can spend more time deploying and less time integrating.

About ConFocus

Founded in 2003, our experience includes developing software for cable, satellite, and IP set-top boxes in the international and domestic markets. We have worked in the cable TV industry for many years and have extensive backgrounds in the Scientific Atlanta, Motorola, and OpenCable architectures. We also offer our extensive experience in deploying digital video systems and set-top boxes around the world. ConFocus's staff of MPEG and embedded systems experts have brought a wide range of technology from blueprint to deployment.

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